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Specific Chiropractic Objectives and Outcomes


"Chiropractic is specific or it is nothing!"-B.J. Palmer Volume VI Specificity within Chiropractic has been at the heart and soul of the 200 named techniques within the profession. Tools to analyze the Overall State of Condition, Results to Prove Adjustments worked and the list goes on. Today we dive deeper into the Art of Chiropractic [...]

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Developmental Stages of Vertebral Subluxation


The tissue cells of the body are continually subjected to universal forces. The effects of these forces upon the cell can be measured algebraically. If we divide these effects into units we can classify them as gains and losses. The gains are those experiences in which the cell successfully adapts the universal forces. The losses [...]

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What Causes Vertebral Subluxation?


“A SUBLUXATION IN the Chiropractic sense is not a partial dislocation, but an alteration of the normal anatomical or physiological relationships, or dynamics of contiguous structures. Biochemical, biomechanical, pathophysiological, radiological, subjective and objective symptoms, and other manifestations demand attention, investigation and consideration in depth by every Chiropractor.” A.E. Homewood What causes vertebral subluxation? In an [...]

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Neuromusculoskeletal Indicators for Vertebral Subluxation


“The bones of the spine fit together so perfectly, that the openings totally protect the nerve trunks, unless something happens. Something that Chiropractors are concerned with. Something called Vertebral Subluxation. Vertebral Subluxation is what is called when one of the bones in the spine, instead of being in the proper position protecting nerves slips out [...]

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What is Vertebral Subluxation?


D.D. Palmer’s discovery of the Chiropractic Objective led him to believe that vertebrae or bones in the spine could be slightly displaced or misaligned “incomplete luxation” and interfere with neurological function. D.D. Palmer taught his Chiropractic Students that when these vertebrae suffered an incomplete luxation, the neurological tissue that is surrounded by the bones of [...]

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