About Advanced Muscle Palpation Technique

What is AMP Technique?

AMP Technique is a Tonal Chiropractic Analysis that determines the spinal level and listing of vertebral subluxation utilizing the paraspinal myotatic reflex embedded within the spinal muscle stabilizers. Myotatic reflexes provide self-regulating communication between sensory and motor neurons, innervating the spinal musculature and stabilizing the vertebrae. Palpating active (working) spinal musculature can provide analytical certainty for vertebral subluxation.

The Story Behind AMP Technique.

AMPT was founded by Reggie Gold, DC, over 60 years ago and developed by Nick Spano, DC, for the past 35 years. Nick Spano, DC, was a student at ADIO when Reggie and Joe Strauss were in administrative leadership there. Nick has spent the last 35 years teaching this Chiropractic Analysis worldwide via hundreds of events—one of those events being held in Minnesota in 2019 that Trent Schiedecker, DC, helped Nick put on. Dr. Trent took the challenge from Nick Spano to carry on the legacy of this phenomenal Chiropractic Analysis.

Trent Scheidecker, DC, is the lead instructor for AMP and is passionate about sharing the benefits of this technique and the certainty of the analysis with others. Advanced Muscle Palpation Technique will give invaluable information in the art of analyzing and facilitating the correction of vertebral subluxation.

It just so happened that Nick was ready to retire from teaching, so he reached out to Dr. Trent in 2020 and asked if he would be willing to take the lead in instructing AMP. Dr. Trent has been a student of the art of AMP Technique for the past 13 years and has over 10,000 hours towards the application of it. Dr. Trent has been in practice for 12 years utilizing AMP and has serviced nearly one million specific Chiropractic Adjustments for the correction of vertebral subluxation to thousands of community members. Dr. Trent founded ChiroWay in 2010 and has led the franchise to the growth of 10 locations that are individually owned and operated by Chiropractors who share the same passion, purpose, and Art for Chiropractic.

“The muscles of the spine have been an enigma for the chiropractor for the past 100 years. Muscle palpation has been used more or less intuitively by the field clinician throughout our history. Only within the past 20 years has there been a serious attempt to document the relationship between muscular patterns of activity and the vertebral subluxation.” -Dr. Edward Hartey

“I’ve tried a lot of different techniques before being introduced to Advanced Muscle Palpation. The specificity is what sets it apart from other techniques I’ve tried in the past.  For me, AMP makes the most sense for a practice serving all age groups because the principles can be applied to everyone.”

Chloe, AMP Technique