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Advanced Muscle Palpation (AMP) Technique is a spinal analysis and adjustment that determines the level and listing of vertebral subluxation based on the relationship between spinal muscular patterns of activity and position of displaced vertebrae causing interference with the transmission of organizing information through the neurological system.

Recognizing that the neurological system is aware of its own biomechanical needs, AMP teaches you the biomechanics of spinal muscle stabilizers to analyze for vertebral subluxation.

The vertebrae are knit together by tough ligamentous structures and stabilized by hundreds of small paravertebral muscles. The paravertebral muscles which attach directly to the vertebrae are stretch sensitive due to their inherent muscle spindles and sensory innervation.

The innate mechanism which causes the muscle to respond with active engagement for the self correction of vertebral subluxation is the myotatic reflex arc.

When the displaced vertebrae occurs, the neurological system is informed and consequently commands contraction of the muscle or relaxation of an engaged muscle. These muscles are attempting to correct the vertebral subluxation by regaining control of the proper tension within the paraspinal muscles.

Muscles that present themselves for analytical interpretation as working produce a simplified directional listing code. Integration of paravertebral myotatic reflex arc into your assessment of vertebral subluxation allows for more consistent, and accurate analytical conclusions.

Serving as an example is a hypothetical working muscular findings with subsequent listings:

Among the upper cervical muscles only the Left Superior Oblique and the Right First Branch Levator Scapula are established as working with an engaged neural reflex arc for the self correction of an ASRA atlas subluxation. Indications – right anterior, superior and lateral mass of the Atlas.

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